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        Strategic objectives

        • To remain an ethical Company.

        • Ensure a fair return to shareholders.

        • Retain our reputation as the quality leader in our markets.

        • To remain the volume leader by maintaining quality and easy availability of diversified products.

        • To enhance market share by maintaining a fair price, ensuring availability and timely deliveries.

        • To enhance exports and leverage them to take advantage of economies of scale.

        • Focus on new ventures, especially M&A's and JV's in near home markets in order to capitalize on opportunities for inorganic growth.

        • Capitalize on traditionally strong engineering base and invest to expand / modernize production capability.

        • Maintain focus on CSR, environment and safety management in order to reap corporate benefits as good corporate citizen and employer.

        • Ensure aggressive training and development of personnel commensurate with strategic needs, of the company specially those who are key executives of the company.