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        International Industries Limited (IIL) is Pakistan's largest manufacturer of steel, stainless steel and plastic pipes with an annual manufacturing capacity of 817,000 tons and annual revenues of almost PKR 26 billion.

        IIL was incorporated in Pakistan in 1948, is quoted on the Pakistan Stock Exchange and has an equity of over PKR 9.9 billion and has featured on the listing of Pakistan's Top 25 Companies consecutively for more than 11 years.

        IIL is a part of a group of Companies that includes:

        • International Steels Limited (ISL): Pakistan's largest manufacturer of galvanized, cold rolled and color coated steel sheets and coils. ISL has an annual manufacturing capacity of over 1 million tons and annual revenues of over PKR 55 billion.
        • Pakistan Cables Limited (PCL): Pakistan's premium manufacturer of electrical cables, wires, copper rod, PVC compound and aluminum sections with annual revenues in excess of PKR 9.7 billion.
        • IlL Australia Pty Limited: IlL's wholly owned Australian subsidiary which represents the Group's interest in the Asia Pacific region.

        IIL is a proud recipient of numerous accolades including the Management Association of Pakistan's "Corporate Excellence Award" for the Industrial Metals & Mining Sector, the National Forum for Environment & Health's "Environment Excellence Award" and the Employers Federation of Pakistan's "OHSE award".

        IIL also has a credible export pedigree with an ever-expanding footprint in 60 countries across 6 continents.

        As a result, IIL has been awarded the "FPCCI Export Performance Award" consecutivealy for 19 years. With an unshakeable focus on health, safety & environment, IIL is a reputable corporate citizen. The Company is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, API 5L, PSQCA, UL and CE certified and manufactures its products according to international standards and specifications.

        For further information, please visit our website, www.dsiex.com