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        Ethics, culture and values

        At IIL, we take pride in uncompromising integrity through each individual's effort towards a quality product for our customers and sizeable contributions to the National Exchequer.

        Ethical: IIL is honest and ethical in its dealings at all times through compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

        Excellence: IIL endeavors to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders.

        Fairness: IIL believes in fairness to all stakeholders.

        Innovation: IIL encourages its employees to be creative and seek innovative solutions.

        Reliability: IIL has established itself as a reliable and dependable supplier.

        Respect: IIL values the self-esteem of all stakeholders, be it employees, suppliers, customers or shareholders.

        Responsibility: IIL considers quality health, safety and the environment an integral part of its activities and way of life.